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my story

Self-taught hairdresser and make-up artist since I was 17…

I always felt attracted to the beauty of crafting with my hands. Since I was in high- school in Chile I knew I wanted to become an expert in cosmetics and hairstyling. I went to study an art bachelor at the PUC in Chile and as soon as I graduated in 2016, I went full-time to achieve my dreams of becoming an outstanding hairdresser. Today, after a successful career in Chile, I moved to Berlin to begin a new stage in this journey.

I specialize in all kinds of coloring techniques, from base and new coloration, to full bleach and color correction.

I have studied and tested thousands of hair styling and hair care products. Ask me anything about it and you'll save lots of time and money testing.

As any good hairdresser, I started with haircuts. I have become extremely proficient at it as well. If you want to start slowly, let's give you that dreamed new hairstyle.


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